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Name:  Sheku Tejan Kangbai


Year Started:  1998

Year Finished:  2000

Phone Nr.:  5714471597

Message:  I completed my Sixth form here at St. Edward's. I would have loved to attend the school during my entire school years from Forms 1 through six. Still loved it though and am proud to be an alumnus


Name Solomon Daniel Vandi


Year Started 1973

Year Finished 1978

Phone Nr. 571-635-9914

Name Mohamed Turay

Phone Nr. +23276752851

Message I am an alumni of the Great St. Edward's Secondary school where I spent almost my entire secondary school days. I entered the school in 1988 in Form 2 and left 1995 after sitting to my GCE A' Level exams. Obviously I sat to my GCE O'Level in 1993. I am currently working with the National Electoral Commission in Sierra Leone

Year Started 1988


Year Finished 1995

Name Ivor Patnelli

Phone Nr. +44 7557279376

Message Greetings.

Year Started 1966


Year Finished 1973


Name Solomon Gbassay Musa

Phone Nr. +19099641729

Name Jack Darbre

Phone Nr. 5712598327

Year Started 1986


Year Finished 1990

Name Rev. Christo A. Kamara ( Alie C)

Phone Nr. 781-308-3751

Message Praying for all for God's blessings, protection, long life, good health, favor, grace, happiness and love for all. God bless Old Edwardians

Year Started 1978


Year Finished 1984


Phone Nr. 301-919-0799

Year Started 1977


Year Finished 1982

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