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Established in 1923, St. Edward's Secondary School ranks amongst the country's five topmost schools when it comes to discipline, academic excellence, and sports achievements.

Our alumni association thrives on establishing lifelong relationships with our members,  students and faculty staff. Accordingly, we strive to:       

  • Promote interaction with and among alumni members

  • Highlight the achievements of our school.                                      Provide our alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve our school,  and students.

The quality of alumni relations is a criterion by which success of the Institute is to be measured. .



 In the wake of the recent Ebola crisis, the Texas alumni reached out to the DFW community for help. Heeding the call was St. Joseph Catholic School of Arlington, a school that will forever remain in the memories of our students, not only for their way of reponding, but also the message behind their mission.


The entire Edwardian family of the United States of America would like to express sincere gratitude to St. Joseph Catholic School of Arlington for their generousity and benevolence..


There are 8 alumni chapters in the U.S. Chapters are a great way to build personal and professional networks by discovering the paths of your fellow alumni. Active participation in your local chapter will result in new relationships and opportunities.


Our alumni chapters are organized based of the states of residence. Most alumni are automatically assigned to a chapter based on their home address. If you are not already receiving communications about chapter events, please access the registration page and update your contact information.

Chapters are named after metro and geographic areas, entire states, and larger regions that combine multiple states. After you’ve located the chapter nearest you, contact the chapter president or register to see how you can get involved.

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