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Charles Thorpe  -   National Chairman, St. Edward's Alumni Association USA

Welcome to the homepage of the United States St Edward’s ex-alumni association of America aka the national Old Edwardians Alumni Association, which is comprised of individual chapter organizations.


On behalf of the entire national executive of our alumni, I would like to start by empathizing with, and extending heartfelt condolences to families, friends, and association members who lost their loved ones, may have been, or continue to be affected in one way or another by the Corona pandemic.


I call on all to please heed the advice and recommendations of the CDC and health authorities of our nation, as well as those of our respective local communities.


As current chairman, together with the support of the national executive, I strive to initiate meaningful focus on the following aspects of our organization during my term of office:


  • Cultivate an atmosphere of respect, integrity, contagious camaraderie, and harmony among members of this organization.

  • Foster a policy of dialogues instead of confrontation as a tool of communication at all levels of our alumnae.

  • Motivate progressive inspirational initiatives aimed at both reinventing our good old Edwardian brand, and protecting the fundamental principles upon which the good name of our school was founded.

  • Usher a new ambience where the Edwardian apparatus can function as a better and more viable entity that seeks to inspire progressive motivational positive initiatives aimed at building upon and protecting the fundamental principles upon which the historic good name of our school were grounded.

  • Harness the creative potentials of each and every member the respective chapters, and promote policies aimed at building and nurturing reliable positive long-lasting relationships with other supportive individuals and organizations such as NGOs et al, that will aid and enhance our goals and objectives in uplifting the standards of our school and better prepare our students as they navigate their lives into the future.


With the 2022 Edwardian centennial celebrations gradually setting in upon us, I look forward to the continued support of Edwardians past and present, in ensuring that the brand St. Edwards continue to remain an all-time stellar choice among the youths of our country, when it comes to standards and education.

To conclude, I would like to thank you for visiting our school website. Please feel free to stop by to receive updates about the goings-on of our alumni and school at large.


Be reminded that charitable giving goes a lot further than one would expect, and that your donations are vital in helping us rebuild, as we aspire to maintain the longstanding and soon century-old tradition of providing educational experience and excellence that only St. Edward’s Secondary School can boast about.


Our organization has a charity's 501(c) 3 status with the IRS; which makes your donations deductible under federal law.


God Bless, and please continue to be safe. 

 Charles Thorpe

National Chairman - St Edward's Alumni Association, USA



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