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Chairman's  2018 New Year's Address











Fellow Edwardians,Ladies and Gentlemen  


On behalf of the executive board and membership of the Old Edwardian Alumni Association (OEAA), I would like to wish my Edwardian family a very warm welcome to this year’s events of 2018 and to all Edwardians in the diaspora, and our entire family memberships.   


Greetings to Atlanta Chapter, Northeast, Dallas, Washington, The United Kingdom and the Edwardian family in Freetown.  “We hope that all are in good health and circumstances 

The Apostle Paul Said, I don’t care what you think about me; “I am an Edwardian” and we have a Unique set of values.  “We have been called and we have an assessment to fulfil.  


We are forever grateful to our general membership for its strong efforts to help provide our teachers with end of year incentives for the successful execution of their jobs.  As usual, we ended the year on a good note, by your leadership of investing in the well-being of our teachers and staff of Saint Edward’s.  


Our leadership has been and are continuing to constructively address many important issues in a collaborative, win-win manner.  In the current age, education is not only about a piece of paper.; it's a prerequisite to success." We are convinced we must educate our Edwardian Student’s way to a better future.  


We have a moral responsibility to our school and we want our student’s “Dream to be One”.  My general appeal is for us to work more closely to take advantage of opportunities to benefit our school infrastructure and to find solutions together to difficult problems facing our school. By all the chapter members working simultaneously across a wide range of issues, we are promoting a better appreciation of the importance of our school.  Through our coordinated efforts in 2018, “Yes we Can”. 


Thanks to all of your efforts and contributions, as Edwardian, our relationship is stronger and more dynamic than ever. I appreciate your hard work and devotion. The contribution of each team member are crucial for our success. I believe we have the right leadership qualities to help us move the Edwardian cause in the right direction.


“Our paramount objective for 2018 starts next week with a national executive meeting on 01/25/2018.  Once again, I thank you and your entire family, and may almighty internal God continue to richly bless you all as we continue to strive to improve our school. 


“The Name Edwardian Stands Proudly” “In Our Country Honor Roll” 


“Dirige Nos In Veritate”


Abdulai John Kamara,  




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