Abdulai John Kamara  -   National Chairman, St. Edward's Alumni Association USA

Fellow Edwardians and countrymen, it gives me great pleasure to address you on behalf of the executive leadership of the Old Edwardians Alumni Association of North America.


Permit me to commence by extending sincerest appreciation and greetings to members of the diaspora, for your participation in alumni related activities, and rendering assistance to the school.


Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our special Edwardian family from the United Kingdom, and those of you returning to your respective Edwardian offices, as members of the different chapters nationwide.  


Our goal is to promote unity, and preserve the dignity of our alma mater as the internationally recognized school it is. Coming together as one Edwardian family is a good beginning, but it is our ability to amicably work together toward a common vision that will yield us the fruits of progress and success that our students can benefit from.


I would like to encourage fellow alumni members to continue to stay connected, because of our need for each other, and in the common interest of our students. Individually, we are all strong, but as allies, and by continuing to work with our collective strengths and assets, we can return St. Edward’s Secondary School back to its glorious days.   


With regards our students of today, it is my hope that they take full advantage of programs, projects and events currently being sponsored by our alumni organizations worldwide aimed at consolidating educational opportunities to help them fulfil their dreams. 


The purpose of our association is to foster a spirit of loyalty, and to promote the general welfare of our youth. I therefore call upon the younger generation of Edwardians to become involved in the running of the old boy’s association, so that we the adults can better to respond to the day-to-day necessities of the school.


May God bless our archbishop and proprietor of the school, the Most Reverend Edward Tamba Charles, school principal, Mr. Wyse, members of staff, and students of the Saint Edward’s Secondary School.  


My prayers go to all the members of our Edwardian family. May God bless our association and the St. Edward’s Secondary School. 

 Abdulai John Kamara

National Chairman - St Edward's Alumni Association, USA


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